Mike Kinrade Salvages His 2012 1

It's been said before that when you fall off the horse get your ass back up on it so you can redeem yourself and feel good about it. After a big crash at Rampage Mike Kinrade gets back up on his horse and has fun with his bike, friends and the mountain he loves.

"It's almost winter here in Nelson, and I'm reflecting back on how the season was for me. Like every year it gets better and better, but I can't shake that dramatic crash I had at the Rampage and how it immobilized me for almost a month. This isn't the image that I want in my head when I reflect on the time spent with my bike, my friends, and the mountains that I love. I needed to get out one more time and ride something spectacular and challenging. I want to find a line never ridden before, and one that would have to be pretty gnarly. The journey up to it brings me back to why I love riding my bike. It's the time spent in the mountains and with your good friends that is really how I remember my season, the scary line is the cherry on top." - Mike Kinrade

Credit: Solos Productions

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