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Vital MTB is stoked to give the new Transition Patrol the Shreddy Award for Bike of the Year. This refined, 27.5-inch-wheeled long-travel ripper has been recreated from head to toe, improving on an already amazing ride.

Transition stuck their necks out to push bike geometry forward, prompting both FOX and RockShox to create forks that weren't commercially available before.

For the A.D.D. types who don’t like to read but will comment anyway, here’s the Cliffs Notes version of Transition's Speed Balanced Geometry (SBG) concept: Reach is extended, headtube is slacker, seat tube is steeper, the stem is shorter, and fork offset is reduced.

These geometry tweaks work in concert to provide an intuitive and controlled handling experience on the trail. The main takeaways are calmer cornering, less deflection over bumps, more direct control, and better braking on the steeps.

The updated Patrol has also had dozens of small details refined including cable-routing tweaks, inclusion of a metric shock, bearings in the upper shock mount, a wider main pivot, increased tire clearance, downtube protector, and more. With these improvements, plus the geometry tweaks, the Patrol is a completely new beast that builds off the success of the old version.

While there may be lighter bikes out there, we value on-trail performance, durability, and dependability above being weight-weenies. The Patrol gets very high marks in these areas.

Why did we award a 2018 model the 2017 Bike of the Year award? Like many brands, Transition released their new bikes ahead of schedule. This is the most impressive bike we rode during 2017 and it has been available to the public for several months.

See Vital's in-depth review on the Transition Patrol, our pick for Bike of the Year.

Credit: Vital MTB

sspomer 12/29/2017 3:00 PM

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hey Vital, can you say anything about why you chose the patrol over the sentinel?

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Hilarious vid. Good pick for BOTY. Transition is looking better every day, keeping it light with the really fun vids. The Sentinel Carbon vid is mad! Humongous airtime. Looking to taking a test ride on a Patrol and a Sentinel sometime in 2018.

Hopefully we will see a Patrol or a Sentinel on the EWS in 2018...

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I must have missed the actual review.. all I remember is the feature comparison article vs the old Patrol.

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honest question — on pinkbike there has been a lot of chatter about broken seat stays on patrol, scout, sentinel. but then here a major reason this award was given is reliability. any comments on this? i’ve been looking at a scout for a trail bike, decided against it based on reports of breaking but this has me reconsidering

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It's always worthwhile to remember that people on the internet (PB especially) are mainly there to bitch and if they had something like a product failure you're sure as shit gonna hear about it over and over and over again because they're upset. But someone who's happy with the bike will likely keep quiet because they don't feel the need to vent like an upset person would. I'm not saying there aren't issues, I'm just saying you're gonna hear about what went wrong a lot more than you'll hear about what went right. I've also noticed on PB the mentality is usually one bike failed so they must all suck!

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agreed about PB. it’s really, really hard to get reliable info

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The problems were on previous versions of the Patrol mainly! That's why Transition made their frames so heavy!

People are starting to think their enduro bikes are made to ride bike parks and jumps that were dh and freeride bikes terrain, that's why they broke so many chainstays.

New bikes are beefier, but only time will tell if they hold it, I myself just received my Patrol and really like the SBG thing!

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Not true regarding people riding park that’s why the chainstays are breaking. Mine broke from very light use, obviously a design fault... especially when they advertise “huck to flat technology” haha my arse, huck a patrol to flat and it’ll ? snap in half

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Looks like a sweet bike. I don't think they really put their neck out geometry wise though - several other brands are way ahead. Or are you referring just to the fork offset change?

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Just cus it’s not a million miles long? There are plenty of brands playing the bigger is better game. What Transition did showed more balls and more conviction in what they believe to be a better way of doing things. The guys with the best bikes aren’t just the ones with the longest bikes, it ain’t that easy.

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It would have been easy to jump on the band wagon and just add 25mm to their reach figures and call it a day - it would have sold because all the sheeple think the longer the bike the better it’ll make them ride. Transition chose to stick to their guns which were already very strong and do something that not many brands were doing because they believe it makes a better bike.
Safe option = keep same frame +25mm (yawn).
Balls option = enhance the entire package by means not currently in use by any other mainstream brand in the belief you’re making a better bike even though you have no idea how it’ll go down with the consumer.

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PS I guess it’s ‘shouldnt’ be ballsy to see this kind of true innovation come to market but in a market where every brand just does the same as the next without employing any original thought... it’s refreshing at least.

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I wanna work at Transition. I'd even move up to those parts yonder where swamps fall from the sky in the winter, and fall, and spring.

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