World First: 10X MTB Downhill Finals Helmet Cam 4

Crazy 70 km/h MTB footage from Mick Hannah and Fabien CousiniƩ as they race down the first ever 10X MTB Downhill at the Pinnacle Bike Championship, in Waterville valley, USA.

Footage from UR Team with Sony Action Cam.

Credit: UR Team

C50_johan_1385064431 iceman2058 9/21/2014 10:56 PM

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I keep watching for the "Forty foot drop." on the course but can never catch it.

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Yup up in NH - too bad the mountain doesn't do DH mtb. Makes no sense at a place where they don't bother with mountain biking, except on the kiddie slope. This 10X was out of a field of 12 riders who signed up - should have just let them all go down.

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