Vital Tech Challenge - Easton Bearing Upgrade 5

Easton had recently announced a free program for a bearing spacer upgrade on certain hubs in their line to help prolong the life of the bearings. Their tech videos made it look way too easy, so Vital wanted to see how true this really was. In search for the least capable person to test this out, they found me! If I can do this pretty easily, so can you. If you're in need of the upgrade kit for your Easton wheels, contact Easton or head to your local Easton dealer.

Credit: Lucent Productions

Lucent 6/13/2013 7:39 AM

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Hey Easton, I need a job. Gimme a big office with a big desk and a big sign on the door that says V.P. of Common Sense. Then, before you release a hub with no center spacer, you can just ask me first and save with the whole "Free Upgrade" business.

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