VITAL VIDEO: Shredding Mammoth Mountain Bike Park 2012 14

Mammoth Bike Park is continuing to add to its long list of trails and features with big jumps, rock gardens and curved wallrides. If you haven't hit Mammoth yet this year, now is the perfect time as the weather stays cool and the trails are prime.

Credit: WOOOOO!!!!!

kidwoo 8/15/2012 12:33 AM

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Some dude passing by while we were shooting pulling off one of the coolest saves I've ever seen. Totally brought it back.

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Whats the guy on the single crown riding? SX, enduro? Cant tell but they both are ripping. Nice, refreshing, edit. Great sound and shots. Well done!

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Man Mammoth looks good nowadays. I haven't been there since they stopped hosting big races. I hope that they start again. They could really use the influx of money since the town has gone bankrupt. My only problem with the place is that it usually takes me a couple of days to get used to the soft dirt and I can't quite afford to stay that long.

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WTF, he landed that far down the ramp on the Flow drop (1:49)?

WTF, that's some ridiculous speed going through the last rock garden in Upper Shock Treatment (2:07)! Last time I rode through that rock garden, my group encountered a downed rider who broke his ribs.

You didn't capture any of signature Mammoth drops really. I never get tired of seeing people do them. You got the Flow drop, but that angle left a lot to be desired.

I wanna see a massive 2 wheel drift on that one wide left on Kamikaze, mimicking Sam Hill's legendary World Championship VdS run.

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