SR Suntour RUX Downhill Fork at 2012 Sea Otter Classic 8

Darren Salsbury walks you through the new RUX DH fork from SR Suntour!

faultlinetv 4/22/2012 11:39 PM

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as for me there is no doubt that the SR Suntour is to stay among the best if not better than the rest (taking account of quality / price).
They realy think in the averege joe, and this is what I think was missing.
I wish the best for SR Suntour.

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SR Suntour is all grown up people. No longer is it just Fox, Rock Shox, and Marzo, (Magura and White can be in there too as boutique brands but not in the DH category), but now you've got SR and X Fusion all making super solid products = great news for rider bc competition spurs innovation and drive down price points on parts. PS 91001 i second that comment, i hate reps that puke nothing at you and make you want those 30secs of your life back.

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to be honest i wasn't expecting much from a new fork brand... but i was impressed. a lot of innovation with the maintenence, tunability and ease of everything from taking off the wheel to service to turning. cool.

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Yes. We need more competition in the downhill fork market to help bring the prices down. Even if I stay loyal to my Boxxers, I'd at least like to get them at a more reasonable price.

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Looks like a serious piece of work. If the performance and quality are there, no reason this shouldn't sell well, especially if they manage to keep the price down.

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So far all the features are looking pretty good, and with Mg lowers the weight should be good too

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