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Back in January, Truvativ swung through Bellingham, Washington and witnessed the supreme creativity and perseverance a diverse group of trail builder’s had. Committing yourself to months in the woods for a trail no one is asking for is a special skill. It’s an unlearn-able and thankless task.
Here’s a little tribute to the callused hands and sore backs that make all of our rides reality. They don’t just happen.

Every Ride Has a Story

Credit: Truvativ/Sagerian Media

Truvativ 5/18/2011 5:38 PM

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Those guys put in an insane amount of work. It's truly amazing what they come up with. Major props to the B'ham crew (and Kira)!!

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Yes! Well put. Sore backsCalluses ...and thankless, well who cares about all the kooks that don't thank you or help build great trails. I thank myself everytime i hit a custom built line.

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