The Crazy and the Cool - COMPONENTS from Eurobike 7

There's no shortage of kooky, whacky and goofy stuff at Eurobike, but the real interest comes from the exciting new products. We check out some new components in between safety diaper sightings. And hopefully you're not as gullible as half of our Instagram audience. The Shimano XTR rotor is a paper, for-show-only placeholder for when the actual equipment isn't available yet.

  • Tune's Blackburner 29 Textile wheel (0:23) -
  • The DT Swiss F535 One Fork (0:57) -
  • TAG Metals' new MTB wheels, pedals, bars and stems (2:52) which have some clever alignment strategies -
  • Renthal's 800mm-wide Fatbar Carbon (8:07) -

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Credit: Brandon Turman

sspomer 7/11/2018 1:33 PM

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Tag must have taken yous guys to that Good sushi place down the road. I've never even heard of them. And I've worked the industry. Maybe I'm just tripping. Like that guy in the orange diaper.

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TAG have been around forever in Moto one of the top three brands for bars and sprockets, maybe everyone else is just slow off the mark. They just relaunched their MX line as well back in January. Whats interesting is that it took renthal 5plus years to do a 800mm bar and Tag come out with it straight away, they obviously know the score right from the start and that speed align system for the steerer tube! sometimes it takes an outsider company to look in at mtb and notice the simple things that have been needed for many years but brands too caught up on wheels and tyre sizes to notice the simple stuff that makes life easy.

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its a nice feature to have that alignment line... its not going to be easy to get fork steerers to have that line though... putting it in the same place every time, and just plain taking the time to do it is a big hurdle... but hopefully we can see it happen because it makes things easier for end-users... the front of my stem is flat so its really easy to align in it with the flat front edge of my fork arch...

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I'm with Erik that I've aligned my stem and fork arch for years, it's the bestest!

I would like to know why someone would finger f*&K a rotor just because it's flexible? Didn't anyone teach you that oils from your hands contaminate your pads etc? LOL

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