Rob Warner Meets: Aaron Gwin 9

In Season 2, Episode 3 Rob Warner meets with Aaron Gwin, one of the fastest downhill mountain bikers in the world, and the five-time World Cup overall winner in Southern California to find out about his training regime, his religious beliefs – and his toilet with a view. His local interval track looks like a blast, too!

Credit: Red Bull

iceman2058 6/1/2018 1:44 AM

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Yeah keep the preaching religious bullshit off This site. This is a mountain bike website, not “”. Is he a great cyclist? No doubt. But we don’t need to have him go all Tebow on us.

Best thing about cycling is it teaches us how much power and strength we have inside us, and we don’t need imaginary friends. We’re strong enough on our own. Realize that and you’ll be a better human being.

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i hope you realize the irony in your comment. without being asked, you felt the need to "preach" your "religious bullshit" above. aaron was asked about his beliefs by rob. aaron answered the question about his beliefs. aaron didn't bring it up. if rob asked aaron about riding dirt bikes, aaron would have answered the question about riding dirt bikes and i doubt you would have said "keep your moto talk off this site." i'm not defending or siding with aaron's beliefs at all, i don't have any stake in what he does or doesn't believe. but he has his beliefs. and you let us know you have yours. i'm not sure why your beliefs are so much more important or accurate than aaron's that you feel the need to let everyone know you're right and aaron's wrong. or i could just say, this is a mountain bike website, not "", so we don't need you to go all dawkins on us.

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Bingo. Bad enough kids think they need carbon fiber everything on their bikes, lets not let them thing they need imaginary friends to be solid riders.

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