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Riding Western Colorado to Eastern Utah with Quintin Kurtz 8

Three incredible places to mountain bike and a skilled rider take center stage in this high-quality production. The goods! This part of the States is truly awesome in spring or fall.

Trails ridden include The Ribbon, Porcupine Rim, and 18 Road.

Credit: Max Rhulen

bturman bturman 5/17/2019 12:17 PM

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I stopped watching at ~45 seconds. Skidding damages these trails. Period. Full stop.

Glorifying the act of skidding tells the next generation that it's OK, and then instead of one douchebag skidding we have a whole generation doing it.

Stop the insanity -- this includes you, Vital, for encouraging it by not discouraging it.

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Angry as a person? Nope, not remotely. Pretty relaxed, actually.

Angry that a style of riding that has been shown to damage trails is being cavalierly promoted across the interwebs? You bet.

I've been riding off-road for more than 30 years. Riding -- on quality trails -- means a lot to me. Seeing trails devolve as rapidly as they have the last ~5 years is a bummer. It doesn't have to be this way, and letting people know that their "chill shredit" has crossed the line is one small way to attempt to turn the tide.

Please help.

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I liked your comment before watching the video. Now I've taken it back. Up until :45 seconds was just the result of sandy trails. He does do one "Canadian kickout." a bit later, but overall he's not skidding around that much.

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