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Recumbent Barspin with Kirt Voreis 7

My first 'influencer' follow my day, here I am vid, haha! Decided to take the Recumbent to the dirt jumps to see if it could fly! Was a little sketchy at first but it worked! Stoked I got the Barspin, haha! Cant wait to see what else I can pull! Thanks Russ Risdon for the Camera work!!

Credit: Kirt Voreis

iceman2058 iceman2058 11/10/2019 1:20 AM

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Semi off topic but I’m curious to know: Why does Pinkbike always seem to be 24-48 hrs ahead of Vital when posting someone’s new content? i noticed this esp for many big name vids (e.g. Semenuk, Macaskill) and now this video. This was also true for Redbull edits from Rampage. Is it because they have more people activity looking for content on their YouTube subscriptions? Contracted that way? Not hating but by the time it is posted here -it has been watched and throughly discussed over there. Vital does seem to post Cam Mccaul vids first though.............

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We’re all here to ride round in muddy circles on expensive pieces of metal and plastic and you’re asking what is the point. Check yo self bro!!

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