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On The Spanners - Reserve Wheel Build - Luca Shaw and Tom Duncan! 1

During this lockdown period, we intend to keep our athletes trained in more ways than one...

Enter 'On The Spanners', a new mini-series where our veteran mechanics try to teach their other halves, the tricks of the trade, all through the power of the internet during this lockdown period!

Luca Shaw is young, bright and full of.... waffles?Let's see if he has the patience and nimble fingers to listen to his trusted mechanic Tom Duncan, as they navigate the dark art of wheel building.

Huge thanks to, Maxxis Tyres and Peaty's Sealant for getting everything shipped promptly during these strange times.

Credit: The Syndicate

iceman2058 iceman2058 5/13/2020 4:33 AM

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As a wheel builder I was either on the edge of my seat or cringing. Over the years I've built more motorcycle wheels than bike wheels. I wish this had covered more of the trueing technique. My moto boss insisted that motorcycle wheels were harder to build. But for them the rim is pretty much rigid and you pretty much just find even tension, then adjust it straight. With bicycle wheels you have to do that, as well as balance with the flexibility of the rim.

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