Loic Bruni Crash 17

Loic Bruni gets a 10 from the judges out at Pietermaritzburg for this spectacular over the bars in this mornings practice!!

Credit: SteelCityMedia.co.uk

Steel City Media 4/10/2014 11:51 AM

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see this from mexico https://www.facebook.com/ramon.ramirez.92798/posts/674916229235804?comment_id=5885518&offset=0&total_comments=2

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It looks like he was setting up to go straight as opposed to sharper to the right off the drop/roller...looks kind of like a blind run-in to that section from the camera-angle at least.

Glad he was able to get back up!

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It's funny how the first thing people always do after having a crash is adjust their goggles.

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Yea Fantasm, completely ignorant comment,(and wrong reference) it was the wheels that caused the issue for sure. Jeezus the idiocy..

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but seriously, that looked like it had the potential to be bad. glad he's ok.

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