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Kicker Short Edit 5

Kicker Short Edit
All recordings Samsung Wave s8500
Music by:
Gemini Club - Mirrors

Credit: Dexx

Smutok Smutok 5/18/2012 8:42 AM

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@Scott_Townes; The vid was probably just posted for the foam idea. It isn't a PRO set up, just somebody that works in a warehouse stocking up on shipping foam and putting it to good use. I think it's pretty sweet, and for old idiots like me, it seems like a low budget way to learn some shit without putting myself out of work!

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This hate isn't directed towards Smutok because he doesn't run this site but... if you're going to feature a vid on the front page shouldn't it include more than just two dirt jump shots with the rest showing people bailing into a foam pit? You kind of expect ill edits or at least something really fun/cool to watch when it comes to featured videos.... just a suggestion.

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