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Fatty Backflip 7

brett's last time riding Royal Summit. Kendall backflips a Fatty!

Credit: byker

thebyker thebyker 6/23/2013 4:40 PM

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NivensBob - This isn't PinkBike, little kid. If you want to run your mouth and hide behind your computer, this isn't the place. I promise you wouldn't talk like that to us in person. Go have a seat at the children's table, I'll be right over to help you cut your turkey...

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Whoa whoa, calm down big boy, I was simply voicing my opinion just as would if you were standing in front of me. There's this thing called having an opinion and not holding it back because some little girls have a tendency to get offended. And thanks for the offer, but my mom already cut my turkey for me asshole

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