DirtTV: Pietermaritzburg World Cup Finals 7

Hot pants, rock, insanely fast riding and Borat mean only one thing…the DirtTV PMB WC finals video!!!

Credit: DirtTV

C50_94579680_1269529455 MPORA Editor 3/19/2012 4:51 AM

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Thanks for not making vuvuzela-guy a Red slo-mo feature. Way to be on-point for Hart's whip - that was massive!

Stoked to see Gwin being sincerely satisfied after finishing 2nd - I have yet to hear him say "I could have..." or "I should have...". You'd have thought he won if you didn't hear what he was saying and just watched him talk.

Minnaar was a BEAST! One of the more impressive comebacks considering how far down he was at the 1st split. That was a lesson in digging deep.

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cutty sark

Any woman who can win a world cup shouldn't have to ask her boss for time off. Hopefully Tracy can get some more support after that result. A competitive womens field is good for everyone.

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