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Deer vs. Roadie = Ouch 9

A deer tries to the thread the needle and ruins a downhill blitz of Mt. Lemmon in Arizona for H8ter (that's his YouTube channel name). He says, "Copyright H8terProduction. Mt. Lemmon, AZ around mile marker 17. The end result is a shattered bicycle, some road rash, and a broken foot. You can see my back wheel in the video, we were both very lucky it wasn’t worse. @theracingapparel @mellowvelobikes"

Vital tester, Brian Buell had a close call with a deer during our Downhill Bike Test Sessions this summer in Angel Fire, New Mexico. The animal sprinted across the trail a few feet in front of Brian, but thankfully there was no contact, just fuzzy, warm feelings of cuteness.

Credit: H8ter

sspomer sspomer 1/24/2019 7:01 AM

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probably not given the impact. sad for biker and deer. easier prey for a cougar most likely.

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I've done that. It was around dusk after a weekly Wednesday trials ride at UCSC. We were racing down the bike path and I was in the lead when a deer jumped an orange construction fence in front of me. I didn't hit that one, but turned around to yell to my friends to watch out for deer. Just as I turned back around and back into my tuck, a second deer jumped in front of me and I hit it full speed right in the middle like H8ter. Nothing broken, but a ton of road rash including pretty much down to the bone on my left forearm.

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Bruh! That's heavy! I had an encounter with a Wild Pig out at Demo. Not going too fast, but boy did it scare tha poo outta us both!

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