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Danny MacAskill: Way Back Home (Full Video) 26

Following on from the YouTube video that heralded over 20 million hits, street trials sensation is back with a new project, Way Back Home. The film follows Danny on a journey from Edinburgh back to his hometown of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. Share it!

Credit: Red Bull

bturman bturman 11/16/2010 7:42 AM

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This video could have had 100 barspins in it, and not be ANY better for it. Seriously, you want to talk about barspins? I can go down the street and watch the kids pull barspins all day, if I wanted to. Danny's stuff is something else entirely...

And as for the bails you never see...doesn't that just make it even MORE impressive? Dude stacks it all the time...then just gets back up and hits it again until he gets the shot he needs. And with a smile. This guy is one tough cookie.

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That video could have had your granny riding a beach cruiser, and I would have been impressed just by the quality production..but dang, throw in some unreal riding, this one's a classic.

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ha to the red bull comment, to me it's the worlds greatest great image scam (and i love the stuff) bull is great for driving at night, sitting at the computer, and banging you're girlfriend...not riding...

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If his bike can tailwhip it can barspin. His stem clears by a mile. Anyway, pretty damn impressive. The guys got skills, you can just tell he could shred any type of riding he tried.

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I really don't know what you say about me it is the most brilliant creative display ever on a bike...

seriously speechless, the scenery and tracks are really great as well.

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Definitely crazy radical bike riding with - HUGE drops on most tricks. But you have to wonder how many bails you never see.........and personal cant understand how someone can frontflip off a house - but doesn't / cant do barspins...........

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Yeah, I think we are getting TOO spoiled here...almost every trick is mindblowing in its own right....most of the drops and stuff are HUGE (no suspension at all HELLO)...he makes it all look so easy....and that wall ride to 3....and the wall ride on the house at the end....and...and...complete insanity most of cool to see!

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