DH Bike Street Hucks and Rail Grinds | Dylan Stark MTB Part 2018 7

My first ever full mountain bike video part, been working on this for the last 2-3 months. I've been wanting to film a mountain bike street video part for as long as I can remember just never had the motivation to do so, but after losing my BMX sponsor and not having any plans for 2019 I decided to go out and film this video hopefully to land a legit mountain bike sponsor for 2019. Thanks to everyone who helped hold a camera and film this video. Like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video!

Songs: Three 6 Mafia - most known unknowns intro

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

Gucci Mane - Off The Boat

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Shout out to my sponsors that help me out:

Oakley Bike
G-Form Protects
The Space Brace

Credit: Dylan Stark

iceman2058 12/10/2018 1:23 AM

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Having watched it again, yeah, you did rip that park a newy. And I've never flipped. Back or front and certainly not fakey. Welcome to the family Son.

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This was good. Style is a bit of a throwback... brought back good memories of the early 2000s. Those whips on the djs are second to none. Respect!

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Looking back, I should add an addendum. The crank arm grind down the rail was super legit. But the rest of it my friends and I did fifteen or so years ago. I loves me some stair rhythm. Oh, but yeah, sick flowy whipage. Way better than me and my friends. Props to #influencer for the other latest throw back to the day!

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