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Brendan Fairclough May Have Lost It 4

Lockdown life is starting to get me down. Things are going pear-shaped, think I might be going mad hahaha. Riding off the roof and now over my house on my bike!!!. Welcome to Ep1 of home Rampage.
Going to try and do a few of these for you guys but I am going to need your help! Super hard to think of original stuff so going to need your thoughts. Let me know what you want to see in the next episode?

BHowell BHowell 4/30/2020 4:10 PM

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This was sweet. I'd watch Brendan for hours just tidying his garden up using the axe.
But I second the car jumps. Start with the motorcycle, then the Fabia, then the Defender and the massive XC90 last.

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But wait. As a kid on a Sting Ray BMX conversion circa '76, the neighborhood bully brothers, those damn Fosselman brothers, set up a pickup truck with a long ladder with strips of ply wood over the rungs and sprinted faster than I could off the sidewalk and jumped it to flat on the grass. Perhaps such a set up could work.

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