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Behind the Scenes: Watch Dylan Stark STOMP the El Toro Roof Drop 8

You saw it on Instagram. Now you can get the full story. Pro BMX and MTB ripper Dylan Stark went huge. Jump to ~7:00 for the goods.

"Watch the last trick to be done on the world famous stair set known as 'The El Toro 20 Stair' located at El Toro High School in Lake Forest California. Rumors are they are rebuilding the stair set to make it no longer 'skate-able' with poles at the top and bottom but that's just a rumor. I wasn't gonna waste any time after I saw the news on social media the night before I couldn't sleep or think about anything else besides getting this done. This was the biggest thing I've ever done on MTB or BMX and it was scary as hell. Click play and see what went behind the scenes to make it all happen as well as a few angles of the drop that weren't on instagram. REST IN PEACE to the original 20 stair that was world famous." - @whoisdylan

Credit: Dylan Stark

bturman bturman 6/20/2019 10:43 AM

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that dance crew practice in the background had me dying!
didn't show the part where they took out wooden the stair forms...

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I’m pretty sure Dylan would have put all the stair forms back together before he left.......probably wrote a little apology letter and left a $50 bill as a tip too ........(that’s the BMX way). #TheMoreYouKnow

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I lost all respect for him after I noticed that. Disrespectful little shits. I'd be pissed to come into work and see that.

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Whoa. You're right. What a piece of crap dirt bag! If I'm that contractor, I'm pressing charges. You can't take food out of that crew of workers mouths by vandalizing their work like that. They could lose the contract if it put them behind schedule. What a bunch of douches!!!

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yeah well seems were definately pandering way to much to the emo vegan hippie snowflakes these days and people just love to get offended over nothing. this was a special historic moment and it will live forever. yeah the crew had to put back 4 rows of wood planks but thats a small price to pay for humanity to have this send go down in history. #fuckyeah must break eggs to make omelet

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