Bar Dragg Bounty 2

Tyler Immer getting gnar

Credit: Jake Crumley

JCrumley 1/3/2011 12:38 AM

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i can be man enuff to admit... T funk.. your GONNA win.. u were shralpin in that video.. and bottom line is .. I gotta face the facts.. and admit im a lil washed up.. and although my video has some great shredding in it.. its also a LITTLE innapropriate.. BUUUUT, why in tha funk do YOU need this fork.. SO.. you know whatd earn some real respect.. is if once you WON.... you stopping by, me teaching you how to REALLY corner up in santacruz, then you just ever so gently and generously giving me the fork.. outta the kindness of your heart.. REGAURDLESS, congrats, and lets go rip some tits onna trail together.

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