Bar Drag Bounty - Scandinavian West Side 3

Dropping through this Giant Slalom style trail that is just being formed. Watch the vid a few times to see the low key DEETZ!

Credit: Tom O'Brien

FlyingIrish 1/9/2011 9:30 PM

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kerstall, you sure have a lot to say about each and every bar drag video. Lets see some footage from you.

And fyi, it's a bar drag contest. This video fits the bill perfectly. Creativity will certainly help you get some votes, but so will absolutely slaying turns (well done flying irish).

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I guess you didn't understand what the contest is actually about. Teamrobot, it's about turns. Any kind of turns, and creativity was the focal point. Not just scraping your bar across a built up puff of dirt on the inside of a berm. Still a great and fun video entry!

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That's the first video I've seen that actually centers around the idea of dragging your handlebar in turns. Cheers for taking the contest title to heart.

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