Andreas Vold Rides Oslo 2

A great afternoon in Oslo. A great bunch of people joined in on a little project to film Andreas shredding a trail he built in the woods. Rider: Andreas Vold Director of Photography: Vegard Breie Photo: Torgei Hauggard CableCam: Anders Haheim Edit: Gaute Springgard Sound: Alexander Milov You can check out the Making Of for a look at what it takes to produce something of this caliber.

Credit: Vegard Breie

C50_johan_1385064431 iceman2058 12/5/2012 12:23 PM

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Awesome video, only thing that could make it better is some transition normal speed clips in between the incredibly cool slow motion shots. Seriously, they are some of the best I've seen in quite a while.

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That was rad. only two points of improvement in my opinion would be the transition between clips over the last jump and then i didn't like the shot where you could see the physical light. Seeing that takes you right out of the environment. If that makes sense. Otherwise it was pretty badass.

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