Aaron Gwin's Winning Run from Val di Sole 9

When the pressure was on, Aaron Gwin once again delivered like only he can, laying down a stormer of a run to obliterate the field and secure his 19th World Cup race win and his fifth overall World Cup title.

Credit: Red Bull

iceman2058 8/27/2017 2:13 AM

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I seam to remember someone telling me the protected riders didn't start till the rider in front had finished so redbull could show whole runs and the only reason you don't see a full run is because they can't get cameras on the whole track. I must have been wrongly informed

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Agreed, could have used less coverage of Minnaar walking his bike down the track and more coverage of Gwin. This has been an issue all season - because the drop-in intervals are fixed we lose coverage of wild runs because the rider before had a mechanical and took more time. Solvable problem! At least release all the footage of the run after the fact.

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It almost seemed kinda random who they showed more of and who less, instead of showing the top 10 the most. Picking up Aaron's run at the gap jump definitely cut out a lot of sweet sections...

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