A Eulogy to the Front Derailleur - In Loving Memory 17

To move forward, we’re saying goodbye to the past.

Our 1x drivetrains have simplified shifting and improved mountain biking for riders of every level of skill and experience, everywhere they ride. Because of 1x, frame and suspension designs are restricted only by imagination. With 1x, the future of mountain biking is limitless.

This is the future, from the company that lives 1x.



iceman2058 3/17/2016 7:42 AM

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this is stupid. riders already have a problem with thin 11sp chains snapping out of the start gate, so lets make them thinner! still waiting for gearboxes

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Thinner chains are stronger as the shorter pin has less leverage on it than a longer pin. Single speeders use 9 & 10 speed chains as they are stronger than single speed chains.


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i really have wanted to go 1x, but i can't just yet. 1x12? perhaps. some climbs out here in the rocky mountain american west, particularly the alpine of the san juan range of colorado... i just can't do it without the granny gear. of course, 1x might turn that "climb" into a "hike a bike." bahaha

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I agree. Currently, I use a cheater granny on the front. A finger-shifted 24t ring in addition to my narrow wide ring.

A 50 tooth 12 speed cog might do it though.

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currently up front i have 26/36 and rear 10/42. that's cool you rigged a 24 to your narrow/wide. problem solving!

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Ahahaha... sigh, we all knew if was basically official when SRAM got every post with that leaked drivetrain taken down, but I suppose this is extra official.

Goodbye dear front derailleur. I will fondly miss all your dropped chains, terrible shifts, extra weight, and being a pest for good geometry.

Oh, wait, actually the FD was a plague on mtb. Good freakin' riddance.

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