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A Couples' Ride 9

'Seriously?! I think you take me down the hardest trails just to show off.'

Video gold from Darcy Turenne and Geoff Gulevich.

bturman bturman 6/22/2013 12:55 PM

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We turn women into negative, hyperbolic stereotypes and then have them played by the other gender and it's comedy? Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah:

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It must be really tiring to be that easily offended.

But, if you really see a humorous sketch as a misogynistic attack akin in severity to blackface, you are quite narrow-minded. Maybe this means that YOU are the one with the negative bias here and you should do some introspection.

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lol the typical it is never as good as you imagined it to be
guess i better stick to riding alone, then again that guy probably nags more than any mtb girl ever would haha

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