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5 Ways to Open a Beer with Cedric Gracia 6

In honor of International Beer Day we decided to share Cedric's favorite (and messiest) ways to open a beer. Enjoy!!!

Credit: Lezyne - Engineered Design

jasonvelocity jasonvelocity 8/4/2014 7:06 PM

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Cedric followed me into a big drop line at Nationals one year. Then tried to tell me I was crazy for hitting it. Pot calling the kettle black. One thing about DH pros, they always make you feel like you're amongst friends. Every one I've ever met from Palmer to Voreis, Peat, Leigh Donovan, Cedric, Kovarik, Toby Henderson, EC, Shaums...all treated other riders with respect. Keep on keepin' on Cedric...

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