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2012 Shimano XTR Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur 11

The newest addition to the XTR Dyna-Sys drivetrain is the RD-M985 Shadow Plus rear derailleur. The Shadow Plus feature provides a selectable pivot for the pulley cage that can use a heavier spring and increased pivot friction to counteract the forces of up and down chain momentum in rough terrain. The chain bouncing can often cause noise as the chain slaps the top and bottom of the chainstay, or even cause the chain to derail from the front ring in extreme circumstances. The new pivot when selected to the “ON” position dampens the cage and consequent chain movement for a nearly silent and stable riding experience. In the “OFF” position the derailleur will function like a standard Shadow rear derailleur and eases the installation and removal of the rear wheel by relaxing the spring tension on the cage.

MSRP: $249.99 Weight: 210g (estimated) Available: Late May 2011

bturman bturman 4/14/2011 3:15 AM

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I am sure gearbox development isn't going to stop because of this, but until they are lighter and more affordable this is the hot ticket. I rode it yesterday and was amazed how much nicer my ride was. Chain slap was cut way down and no hints of a chain coming off which is very common in the washed out beat down trails I was riding. Shimano is on it with this gadget!

In case it still isn't clear to everyone you only switch it to off when taking your wheel off. You ride in the on position always.

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You dont turn it off unless you are removing your rear wheel. The "off" feature was built in to ease the tension while removing your wheel. I will say that the "on" and "off" is a bit misleading because you really dont want it off for riding applications. The video really doesnt do this justice either, of course its going to move up and down when someones hand is pushing on a chain in one spot. This product needs to be ridden to see the difference. Trust me It's legit!

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And the switch is down , you must stop from racing to handle it . It has a switch on the handlebar ? If not , very useless .
"- Oh, a bumpy trail ahead , let's turn it on !" and you stop and lose the wave,

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The stiffer spring made me choose for Sram over Shimano on my DH-bike

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agree with sherlock, especially for DH, why i've been putting extra spring on mine to hold it a stiffer postion for a while.... with all of this innovation... they just need to make one!

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During operation, most people will always run it in the ON position, but you need to be able to switch it OFF in order to be able to remove the rear wheel.

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So is it me or is this a useless feature. Why not make this a permanent feature? Don't see the use for an on/off switch

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