X-Fusion Suspension - Bradley Pierce 5

Brad's smooth, back-brake only, psychedelic style combined with the suave performance of X-Fusion Suspension should inspire you to get out and ride your bike today or tomorrow. The music in the video was whipped up by Brad just before we headed out on our ride and I'm stoked how well it goes with this video!


Credit: J.D. Swanguen

J.D.Swanguen 11/21/2011 8:18 PM

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I went to Santa Cruz and broke my pike. Pretty sure it was Brad that gave me his old fork with just a blown air spring after meeting me like one time! Still rocking it. Top notch human.

Also notable he bikes to Whistler on his Blur 4x


What a guy

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So awesome! Kids out there need to take note- a bike vid with original sound (of any kind) is going to be better than whawhawhawhawhawommmmmp. Killer stuff, JD and Bradley.

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