Vital RAW - Eddie Masters // Reece Potter // Skyline MTB Park Madness 39

Tire-exploding drifts? Check. Moto whoop bobble-heading? Check. Massive hucks to flat? Check. Goofy kits? Check. Just another average day in the Kiwi life of Eddie Masters and Reece Potter as they obliterate the Skyline MTB Park. #rowdy

Credit: Steel City Media

sspomer 2/26/2015 11:13 AM

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I realize that the Rampage hasn't happened yet, but there won't be a single second of footage as satisfying to watch as this.

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the ONLY thing that would have made this better would be to have WYN there too !!!!!! BUT WHAT A FUCKING INSANE RAW.... wish i could rail corners going THAT FUCKING FAST... maybe in my NEXT lifetime !!!!

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Vital RAW just keeps getting better and better... and makes my riding more and more humbled. At least in the days of slow-mo I could convince myself everyone I watched was riding at my pace.

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If it makes you feel better... Pretty much everyone feels the same :D

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