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Vital RAW - 2017 World Cup Downhill Chaos from Lourdes 7

Practice before qualifying at the 2017 Lourdes World Cup DH was all-time as riders leave nothing in the tank to find their lines through the incredibly rough and technical off-camber sections of the lower track.

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jawlor jawlor 4/29/2017 7:41 AM

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It's interesting to see that all 3 Syndicate riders are sticking to last year's main line through the gully section. It's a harder setup and longer in distance, but gives you better exit speed out of the turn, and less risk of tire/rim damage on the rocks.
Maybe, just maybe, they all qualified in the top 3 because they're ridiculously talented and hard-working, and know which lines to take.

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Good seeing a panning shot from a distance as they don't look so crazy fast.

Look at the speed Minnaar and Shaw come out of that turn at 2:15 compared to the Giant rider.

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I don't wanna sound ungrateful, but this was a little long or just didnt pack the punch of previous years. I'd love raw cos it was, well raw, ragged, and showed lots of different lines. I don't need to see 15 guys hit the same line if they aren't all ragged or someone isnt doing something insane... I actually nearly skipped some parts which i have never done with raw... just some honest feedback

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I strongly disagree.
I think it was a nice change of pace and really lets us see the difference between riders and their different lines.
While i agree the "old" format was more action packed, this is a welcome addition to prepare for sunday because it gives much more insight into the intricacies of each section of track, which rider looked strong on which part etc. and therefore adds nicely to the limited camera angles that are available on raceday.
It also isn´t as overwhelming as the usual raw rapidfire if you´re interested in track details, because you don´t need to go back and repeat each section ten times.
I´d say keep alternating between the two styles. Keeps things fresh and exciting.

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agree with Loki all the way, change is Always nice after a while! What happened to Mono and JoeBow though? We miss them!

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no worries, and thanks for being constructive. i see both sides to the argument. since i'm not at the race, i personally loved seeing a lot of action (even if it wasn't quite as A.D.D. as some RAW vids), but i can see where you're coming from.

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