Go fast, take chances - that's downhill mountain bike racing in a nutshell. The best clips from the 2019 UCI World Cup DH MTB season in this face-melting Vital RAW! Maribor, Fort William, Leogang, Les Get, Val di Sole, Lenzerheide, Mont-Sainte-Anne World Champs and Snowshoe, West Virginia deliver the punishing, bike-smashing goods!

Credit: John Lawlor

sspomer 9/27/2019 2:41 PM

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The UCI takes a lot of shit (sometimes for good reason), but I gotta say the 2019 DH schedule was a fantastic variety of tracks. The new venues combined with the addition of more raw/tech sections at the existing stops made for near superhero/video game level performance. I know a lot of people still call for more races, but the fact that we can watch this degree of talent tackle such challenging courses for free is still amazing to me. Can't imagine what next year will look like.

There always needs to be a flat out/grass turn track (like Les Gets) in the line up. The high speeds and loose riding are edge-of-the-seat stuff that the riders seem to enjoy as well.

Danny's manual through the rocky left hander after the Steve Smith drop at MSA is still one of the coolest moves from the year. Sure there were harder/trickier moves, but the way he executes it so casually just oozes style.

Bring on the offseason rumors!

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That Snowshoe track really takes me back and makes me wonder why there weren't Way more flats. (The answer is probably tire inserts.)

Back in the early 2k's I did a race at Squaw Mountain near Lake Tahoe. It was a very rocky track, so I pumped both tires up to forty pounds or so and got double flats on my first run. I fixed those and pumped em up to fifty pounds for my second run during which I double flatted again. So I fixed them again and pumped them up straight to sixty pounds, which I rode for the rest of the weekend, including my race run, with no further issues. I'm pretty sure that was also the race where I got my highest speed trap time of 54. Miles Rockwell clocked 63 as I recall.

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