SEE THE BRAND NEW WORLD CUP DH TRACK! Snowshoe, West Virginia POV with Neko and Dak 14

Take a wild helmet cam ride with Neko Mulally and Dakotah Norton down the brand new World Cup DH course in Snowshoe, West Virginia! The UCI World Cup Mountain Bike Downhill returns to the USA this September 6-8 at Snowshoe Mountain. Snowshoe has been a staple of #USDH for years, hosting Norba Nationals, U.S. National Championships and regional races like the Downhill Southeast series. For the World Cup, there is a never-been-used downhill course built by Sean Leader. Sean is a main trail builder at the famed Windrock Bike Park, and he took his skills to Appalachian mountains of West Virginia for this fast, rocky and diverse track. Massive jumps, open ski run turns, tight trees and wheel-smashing rocks are laid out from top to bottom. #USDH #MTB #downhill

Neko is aboard his Intense M29 and Dak is on his Devinci Wilson with 29-inch wheels.

Credit: Dak's Ultra-Fast Dome with some ditch digging by Jack Rice

sspomer 7/2/2019 1:08 PM

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Really? The first half is a bike park with more berms than A-line. The old NORBA track that Greg Minnaar won on years ago had crazy off camber rooted sections and was rougher. Looks really fun to ride but where is the classic West Virginia tech?

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I'd say the upper part was to give spectators walking down something to watch & provide video angles for RedBull.
Remember, Snowshow is NOT camera friendly. Just look at the pics from the race report in broad daylight.
Are you old enough to remember the OLN camera footage? 2 seconds of rider and a lot of conversation...

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Yeah, it will look great on TV, big air and speed are what looks good on TV. Then again so did Danny Hart's winning run in 2011 and there were a lot of flat corners and off-camber. I do remember the OLN footage and agree it was pretty lame. Thanks for some how thinking I was young!

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I’ll stay up til 2am to watch that even though I walked the track a few times this weekend- thanks to Newgrounds!

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