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Rapid Fire: Geoff Gulevich 15

I don't know what's gnarlier. Gully's balancing act on this slippery skinny line or Ross Measures running after him with a brilliant display of steady-cam work! Canada comin' correct!

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Credit: Ross Measures

sspomer sspomer 6/28/2012 3:55 PM

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Somewhere I have footage of him riding a 6" diameter log, 8' in the air to a drop at the end. I think he was about 15. All he said was, "I love skinnies."

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haha, is that ross? : ) could you imagine eating s#&t in the mud following gully with a rig that complex? btw, @freeforall i wasn't referring to a specific brand of stabilizer when i used the term 'steady-cam' in the description.

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sick, that's a damn good shot considering all the shit you have to avoid tripping on.

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