Previously Classified Super Magnesium Now Ready for MTB 7

50% lighter than titanium, 30% lighter than aluminum yet stiffer and stronger, Allite's Super Magnesium is now ready for the mountain bike and cycling world.

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Credit: Brandon Turman

sspomer 9/21/2018 2:31 PM

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Merida did Magnesium frames, they cracked a lot from what i found. Not saying these will, just that it's not the first time someone used magnesium as a frame material.

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Those are probably just high magnesium content aluminum alloy frames. You don't do straight magnesium. As to why label it "magnesium", ask marketing...

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So that frame looked welded. Are they also making welding rod? Does it machine without catching on fire? How is it with the usual mag corrosion?

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There are, apparently 3 different versions of the alloy. One can be welded. One can be forged. One can be machined. It doesn't combust. It melts. No idea on the welding rod.

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See if I can get a chemical analysis on this. Burn temp at 1200 is a positive. Nice high yield for frames! Curious if it has Beryllium in it.

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