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Pointers: Project Un-Stink 18

Tired of smelly pads, gloves, helmet liners, chamois and more? Here's a little tip to help freshen your gear. Share your "un-stink" pointers in the comments below.

Credit: gordo

sspomer sspomer 3/24/2011 7:26 AM

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Also soaking in white vinegar and then do a wash with normal laundry detergent and 1/4 cup of some more vinegar

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I'm with kidwoo on this one...mouth detergent in my chamois will definitely bring that minty fresh tingle to my taint and make my ride oh so much more...refreshing.

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Use "dermatologist recommended" Arm and Hammer detergent with no perfumes or dyes if you want to preserve breathability of your garments. Anything scented leaves wax behind that blocks breathable fabrics.

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Man if only I had some protec pads to wash.................

Every time I've used listerine in my mouth, it's so smooth with no burning sensation at all. What a great idea to get it all over things that touch your crotch. I bet it's like standing on the wing of an F15 fighter jet with your fly open. I can't wait for my balls to tingle with minty freshness!!

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stoked on all the suggestions! thanks everyone. i saw the mouthwash thing on a surf website and it worked on my pads/helmet liners too, so thought i'd pass it along.

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Penguin Sport Wash, best detergent I've used. It's biodegradable and leaves no scent or residue and it works really well on everything from gortex to body armor BO.

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