ONE LAP: Steve Smith and Tyler McCaul 8

Who knew Grand Rapids, Michigan could be so beautiful this time of year. Steve Smith and Tyler McCaul shred some trail during the Fox Rampage Pro Carbon helmet launch.

Be sure to listen closely to the audio as Bryceland and Cam McCaul heckle Stevie about which word he over-uses. Good times.

Credit: T-Mac's Buff Chest

sspomer 2/18/2013 1:01 PM

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Seriously, it's time to stop filming this trail. It's been ridden and filmed by every pro since 1995. Find somewhere else. There's 3-4 other trails right next to this one even that are more interesting.

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Do you know where this trail is? Cannonsburg maybe? i live in Kalamazoo and have never seen this but would like to ride it!

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HItting that double at the bottom = pro move.
Picking up at LCAD = rookie move. Kids don't do it please.
You'd think the local Fox doods would know...

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Haha, I was in Grand Rapids this past weekend, and it sure didn't look like this. We were racing indoor BMX because it was 10 degrees F outside.

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