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Liam Mullany Demo Reel 2011 3

I had been putting off making a demo reel until I felt I had enough footage to make something I was completely proud of. The result is 2 years of filming/editing/work/fun.

Thanks to all the riders/ faces featured in this video: Kirk McDowall, Mike Hopkins, Evan Schwartz, Pat McCarter, Bas Van Steenbergen, Tom Van Steenbergen, Steven Leslie, Patrick Hage-Moussa, Graeme Meiklejohn, Nick Pennell, Kirk Chavarie, Stefan McKee, Ryan Knill, the top of Harrison Mendel's head, Carlos Zumino and Matthew Chong. Huge thanks to all the people who let me point camera's in their face on a regular basis, I promise I will (not) stop doing it.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of something bigger. An announcement regarding a bigger collaboration coming soon.

- Liam Mullany

Technical Aspects:
Canon 7D
Panasonic AG-AF100
Various Dolly Setups
Kessler Crane
Final Cut Pro
Magic Bullet
After Effects

The Naked and Famous - Jilted Lovers

Credit: Liam Mullany

Liam Mullany Liam Mullany 12/11/2011 11:04 PM

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