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In Depth: The History, Technology and Testing of the 2013 Specialized S-Works Demo 8 Carbon 10

The Demo 8 Carbon is finally here. It's no secret that Specialized has been working on this project for a while, but the untold story is how it came be, how it was tested, and how it's made. This in depth, Vital exclusive feature covers all of those bases and more. From the innovative FACT carbon construction, to the microdrive cassette, slightly modified geometry, Black Box fork coating, and proven FSR suspension technology, the S-Works Demo 8 Carbon Team Replica will leave you wanting to "get sick soon." A limited run of 250 replica bikes will be available this August at a price around $10,000. Stay tuned for an upcoming Vital video with Sam Hill, Troy Brosnan, Curtis Keene, and Brad Benedict doing what they do best - shredding like there's no tomorrow. Hungry for more? Visit the newly redesigned for additional details about the 2013 Demo 8 Carbon.

Credit: Filmed by Brandon Turman and Root One; Photos by Sven Martin and Gary Perkin; Edit by Turman

bturman bturman 6/4/2012 12:38 PM

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For 10K you would think it would at least have carbon rims. You can build a V10 with Enves, and all the same stuff for similar or less, and that's with 2000 dollars worth of rim.

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Interesting. I wonder how much heat the fatigue tests generate on the composite frames if any, and if Specialized has accounted for it. I doubt it is much especially on the thinner walled frames

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Does anyone else realize the extreme amount of blue grease on the stanchions?

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10K complete is somewhat high. The build kit is nothing AMAZING. Can you get just frame? Thats would be interesting. There will be other Carbon bikes coming around the next few years.

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I'll hope that once carbon becomes the standard prices start to drop significantly. According to a manufacturing buddy of mine, carbon bikes should get cheap fast once productions takes off. Material and labor wise its way cheaper than aluminum. Knowing the mtb industry though, they'll just keep jacking prices up. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they start to pass the savings off to the customer.

My fingers are going to be crossed for a looooooong time.

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The six easy steps to successful Mountain bike sales...

Step 1. Take your old DH / Freeride model that everyone hates & calls a "Huck Bike"
Step 2. Find Worlds fastest DH racer & pay him to ride said bike
Step 3. Make minor changes to geometry but still keep over-complicated & heavy suspension design
Step 4. Build new model from Carbon Fibre. Act like you are the first Bicycle Company to do this & Market accordingly with huge, overkill press release detailing all design & production processes.
Step 5. Observe Internet forum Geeks harp on about new model with comments like: "AMAZING" & "OMG so hot"
Step 6. Announce limited run & sell for exuberant price to said Internet forum Geeks...

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You're not too far off there. I appreciate that these products push technology forward, but they should remain in the prototype stage until they can be proved to be superior on all levels (weight, strength, simplicity, maintenance, cost, performance). If Specialized really wanted to make the best DH bike they could, they'd start with the 2007 SX Trail, go carbon and modify it to run 8" travel and have DH angles. Shock is plenty low, it only uses one rear end instead of two, etc etc. You could probably drop another pound easy off the frame and have it look better. Just my two cents.

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