Going for Broke! Teva Mountain Games Best Trick 7

Slopestyle riders pack the landing down with their faces as they go for the gold and $1000 in the 2012 Teva Mountain Games Best Trick contest. In the end, Garrett Robertson won with a 360 double tailwhip. Carson Storch 2nd with a 720 and Casey Groves rounded out 3rd with his performance including a tuck no-hander to late tailwhip!

Credit: butters n gordo

sspomer 6/7/2012 7:17 AM

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I'm guessing that jump was a little off. They barely clear the lip and the whole ramp wobbles when hit. Nice work though, any one of those crashes would have ended my day.

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Don't want to sound negative but doesn't a trick only count when you land it clean? Pilgrim should have won because he was the only one landing clean both feet on the pedals. I can "land" a lot of tricks with my ass landing on the seat and then blowing of both pedals while doing a speed wobble. Landing a trick clean is on another level.

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Hey, I landed with my feet on the pedals! And Garrett rolled away from by far the "best trick" out of everything that was thrown down. Yeah Garrett!

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Yeah Carson, that was gnarly how you landed haha. Good job, you got those in contest runs now for sure!

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