Emmeline Ragot's Finish Line Crash at Windham World Cup 15

Emmeline Ragot gave it her all at the Windham World Cup. She blasted the 50 foot step down, knowing that if she didn't, she would lose valuable time. She came up short, got pitched to the ground, but still held on and threw her bike across the finish line to earn 3rd place. Wow!

Credit: Matt Delorme / Duncan Philpott

sspomer 7/1/2012 6:30 PM

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The dirt is jumping out of the way screaming for mercy. And the video showing her bouncing up to the finish is just impressive to see her do.

That fork flex shows just how much spring they are running on this course. Huge flex way before bottom out. That is a lot of spring.


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You could be running no spring and if the force applied was at a right angle to the stanchions, it'd still (only) flex, not compress. But yes, TONS of flex!

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Reminds me of the broken 888s at Rampage. Slack HA and hard landings put quite some force on those forks.

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Yeah, slack HAs even more so than hard landings... The slacker the angle, the bigger the right-angle-component of the force on the fork. I wonder if the manufacturers are compensating for this in the current or next generation forks or not... We might need a paradigm shift in the bushing design, if the slackening continues :D

EDIT: to be clear, the flexing here is completely the fault of the hard landing on a flat. Slack head angles work wonders on squarer edge hits. Flat landings not so much though. The same goes for a conventional, vertical-ish rear axle travel path vs. a reawards - the vertical one will work better on a flat landing, though the rearward path will be better on square hits.

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Varaxis i highly doubt it. Though maybe on the other hand. If at all, then i think in something like BMW's motorbike system, so not as a fork, that will fit to a current frame, but a completely new frame design, which incorporates the fork system.

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What the.......

She is such a bad-ass on so many levels after seeing that...not that I didn't think she was prior to this.

*edit* - is it just me, or is that fork flexing violently in the 1st pic?

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Can't believe how tough Ragot is holding on in that finish line crash and still getting 3rd!!! Is that world cup leaders jersey some sort of bullet proof vest???

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I for one, am just stoked to see the girls sending it huge - that's progression - and it is fantastic that Ragot is one tough rider able to finish after one helluva spill.

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it's hard not to like it! The ladies racing is providing real drama as opposed to the near-boring gwinning that's going on in the men's division. (levels of boring that are heading in the direction of the yawn-years that was Schumacher's domination of F1). That hottie... i mean Ragot's crash gave us a brilliant visual depiction of the lengths they are willing to go for the win.
Despite my somewhat jaundiced view of the men's racing these days, yesterday's was pretty darn exciting stuff. Superb racing all round.

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Eh, I was bored watching the women until the top qualifiers came. The guys still make my jaw drop in disbelief watching them. Gwin's just unbelievable; I probably won't tire of seeing him ride. The young guys are very exciting to watch too; with Brosnan out, I've been rooting for Richie Rude. Sam Hill and some of the more daring and creative types are great to watch too.

Any pics of Tracey's seatpost decapitating moment?

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Wish there were one just for Duncan Philpott! The timing and angle of his shot was great!
Matt's was good too. :D

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