Crewsdays with Griz: Crewsday with X-fusion pt. 1 7

I took a quick trip to Santa Cruz the other week to visit the fellas at X-Fusion and ride in some fresh scenery. Mike D dials in my trail bike with new-and-improved suspension, custom tuned to my adaptive riding style. Part 1 ends with John Hauer, Curtis Beavers and I having a little fun doing some "extreme-healing" on my first day riding downhill shuttle runs.

Credit: Sean McClendon

26griz 5/19/2011 7:53 AM

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A true gamut challenge on that trail would involve v-brakes and the original gamut guide for like a 42T ring that definitely looked a bit more raw than the polished versions you all get now.

And Clappin' Yo Dome was hands down the best mtb video of all time. But some of those videos by that tall lanky Harry Potter kid are pretty decent too.

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like the guys over at X-Fusion. haven't had much interaction, but the times i have talked to them, all seem very cool. hope to see good things develop from this co.

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Spoons, Beavers had nothing on me. Get up here and I'll dust off my ride and smoke you. ha

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