CRASH VIDEO: Andrew Neethling's Superman to Oblivion at Val di Sole 8

Needles is one hard mofo! Check out this gnarly crash from Val di Sole during practice today. He gets right up after flying down a boulder field and qualifies in 15th position later that afternoon.

sspomer 6/14/2013 1:31 PM

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Pssh. that's nothin. You should see the gnarly stuff that happens in the sport of ENDURO!!!,20937/bturman,109

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Hahaha...if that WAS his qualifying run, there would have been lots of bodies strewn all over the course and probably only 20 starters physically able for Sunday.

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It looks like his front wheel got kicked by something, which steered it right into the big rock on the right with the organge paint. After that it was OTB. Crush it Needles!

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