AT's Showdown Head-to-Head Slopestyle Highlights 3

Head-to-head slopestyle battles went down today during AT's Showdown in San Francisco. Amidst a flurry of flips, spins and whips, Trek's Brett Rheeder took home the gold with big, technical maneuvers.

Top 6 Results
1. Rheeder 2. Thelander 3. Soderstrom 4. Wallace 5. Watts 6. Sjholm

Credit: Root One Productions

C50_91530850_1260516052 JBrantley 11/10/2012 11:54 PM

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Oh god! Martin and Brett's runs were retarded! Regular to switch to regular to switch with the most bad ass style and calculated tricks imaginable. I had to watch that 3 times over to figure out what was switch and what was reg... amazing! Damn.

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That was cool. Some of them even had the balls to go big on that first drop in out of that car park (not sure if I'd have dared to try anything other than a straight air on that one). What happened to Cam & T-mac ?

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