A Weekend with George Ryan 4

Take a glimpse into the weekend activities with George Ryan as he races in the Diablo Freeride Park series finals, and then unwinds with some freeriding and dirt jumping.

Credit: www.gearsnroses.com

GeorgeRyan83 10/31/2010 9:55 AM

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george, awesome video and saw some of the protec and diablo resident videos. this latest one here openedup the possibilities of what an aspiring dh rider and maybe dj rider can do at diablo. keep up the good work and i hope you keep trying to parle some of the knowledge to us lessers...much appreciated

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nice Rack GR! thats my handwriting on the deer skull trophy, cause i don't think Yuroshek knows how to write.
atta boy, nice season! - PJ

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