2013 Mountain Bike Product of the Year - Vital MTB Shreddy Awards 11

When Cedric Gracia isn't trying to bleed himself to death, he's singing the praises of the Vital's 2013 Product of the Year. The well-executed, inverted design of our 2013 favorite is just the tip of the iceberg. The readily available adjustments on DVO's Emerald create a fork that is quickly tunable to perfectly-suit any rider or terrain. The fork is smooth, predictable, easy to service and offers a well-supported ability to take the edge off a hit in a way we had never experienced before. The unique "Off the Top” negative spring adjustment and DVO’s clever stiffness solution to the inverted fork’s biggest shortcoming, all combine to make the Emerald one of the best-performing downhill forks we’ve ever tried. In a time when others are dumb-ing things down, DVO’s push towards increased rider access to their product is a welcome breath of fresh air. For all these reasons, we’re awarding the DVO Emerald with the coveted Vital MTB Product of the Year Shreddy award. Congrats, DVO, on a job well done.

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sspomer 12/29/2013 5:02 PM

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Big call on a yet to be proven product. Proven is way more credable than hype n hope. Not saying they are or will be bad, but what about Dorradoes? They offer very similer stuff but are well proven, including their stiffness or lack there of it.
Personally love my BOS forks and Void shock, my Zerode G2, my Formula TheOne brakes, my Works Components narrow wide chain ring. All proven products.
I believe enough to buy the DVOs if I needed forks, but I'd not say they're the most advanced in any way or the best YET.

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I don't know if you should give this award to a product that just hit the market. This fork shows great promise but we need to see how it fairs after a year of abuse in the hands of the general public.

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There's been some surprise awards. With all tree accolades the Pike has been getting I would have thought that would have one. I would absolutely love to take an Emerald out though.

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I think part of the reason you have not heard tons of accolades from other media outlets in regards to DVO, is because very few have been able to test one. Vital was granted one of the most (and only) in depth test sessions to date.

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Well, that's the sample size I need: one. The conundrum these "let's support the small guys" companies are in is that once their hand-made batch of 10 forks become popular, due to their quality and performance, they have to scale up and start sending stuff to Bangladesh and Nigeria to get manufactured.

Fox is a good example: Ever since they moved their manufacturing to Taiwan, their products and CS has gone to the dumps. They're barely riding their good name right now. Product managers prefer Rockshox, yet customers still expect Fox on the high end bikes.

Let's see what happens when DVO gets spec on the big bikes and have to produce more than 10 forks per year.

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DVO is already made in Taiwan by one of the largest manufacturers in the world. They are hand assembled on their own seperate assembly platform to precise tolerances.... So your "small guy" comment is incorrect. You are correct that FOX is riding on their name. I took off my 32 for a Revelation recently and will not be switching back.

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