2012 MTB Product of the Year, Vital MTB Shreddy Award 7

Drum roll please... It's time to announce the product that stood out the most in 2012. This particular item incorporates some true innovation and is hands down the most exciting new product we've used in the past year. Revolutionary? In many ways, yes. Check out our first ride experience and keep it tuned to Vital for our long term impressions of this awesome technology.

Credit: Vital MTB

sspomer 12/21/2012 6:43 AM

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I think that is the entire point "bikeboardorblade". They don't want it to be compatible or a "standard" (which is the loosest term in the bicycle industry).

Just build a gearbox and get it over with. 12 speeds and 28.125" tires for 2014!

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I said good bye to front derailleurs probably 5 years ago, haven't missed them since. Even had it on a 1x8. I'm fine with 1x10, but I'd like to be able to combine the new chainring and chain with a standard 10 speed cassette. Is this a possibility even? It'd save a TON of money.

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from what I've heard on mtbr forums, there are people running the xx1 with a 10 speed drivetrain since the inner width of the current 10 speed chain is the same as the 11 speed chain from sram xx1. when they say it's a narrower chain they are talking about the overal width due to thinner plates, etc. so I think you're good to go with just the front ring/cransket if you want to keep your current 10 speed parts. Then again, with no real time on this system of my own, I might be just spreadding a false rumor...

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I am running a 1x10 system and LOVE it...I hope to see this tech trickle it's way down X0/X9 soon so regular people can use it.

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