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17 Questions - Tyler McCaul 9

We're back! Tyler McCaul re-ignites our 17 Questions interview format with hot fire. T-Mac has been busy launching new pedals with Deity and hucking some of the biggest natural drops at Rampage. Despite a crash and concussion, he's on the mend and ready to send.

The questions

  1. How many El Presidente Margaritas have you had since Rampage?
  2. How’s the body feeling since Rampage?
  3. Are you a little insulted that Reynolds isn’t filming this with his RED camera?
  4. When you cruise Instagram, do you look closely at pics or do you find yourself just zoning out and forgetting half the stuff you just scrolled past?
  5. Which Instagrammer do you hope made a new post when you start scrolling? (T-mac forgot this one, but we'll forgive him. -gordo)
  6. Does Instagram make everything boring now?
  7. A Tuck no-hander or Suicide no-hander…with sound reasoning to back up your answer.
  8. Is the judging at Rampage fair?
  9. What’s up with the bike flip? Do you ever get that tech on the sculpted dirt ramps anymore?
  10. How’s the Aptos economy been since the demise of the Post Office jumps?
  11. Would you vote for Trump?
  12. What is one aspect of your bike setup that you’re really particular about?
  13. If you had to ride one bike for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  14. Where’s a place you haven’t ridden yet that you’d really like to ride?
  15. Since 3,927 mountain bikers under the age of 14 can do double McFlindels and switch, one-handed Batmobiles, what’s the secret for a slopestyle or freeride grom coming up to actually “make it” in this biz?
  16. Your Deity pedal release video was pretty ludicrous. How many tires did you rip off the rim while filming it?
  17. Wouldn’t you rather be ripping the tires off your rims right now than answering these dumb questions?
Credit: Reynolds n gordo

sspomer sspomer 12/21/2015 12:29 PM

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17 questions is back! thanks spomer. do some more! even repeat riders from old 17 questions would be cool

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I'm pretty sure there's a rule that says every time you see a RED camera you have to instagram it, so it's maybe for the best it wasn't used for this little interview

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Not Maxxis tires. I was there for the filming and no Maxxis tires came off the rim. I've been missing these 17 Questions vids for a while without knowing it. Thanks Vital for bringing them back. And nice work getting a boys bike from GT this time TMac. And yes 50-60 lbs. I've run 60 at DH races to avoid pinch flats in Squah and this little MAN can roast a turn like few others. You saw the video. ROOST!

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