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17 Questions: Sam Hill 25

The current downhill World Champion, Sam Hill, may also hold the record for fastest 17 Questions. That ain't no knoyfe! This is a knoyfe!

Credit: John Lawlor / gordo

sspomer sspomer 3/11/2011 4:49 PM

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Classic, he is just a laid back guy! Doesn't appear fake or try and do what others want him to do, respect.

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He's a funny guy once you get to know him... I got the chance to spend a week with him and he a totally different guy when he's off the bike. He talks a lot and very friendly.... he's very talented but I do hope he get in shapes before the season starts.

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"f*ckin' cameras.... try to get inside your head!" (-SH)
he's a reserved guy, just happens to be famous. hilarious in his own way.

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Sam is Hill-arious. Hope he can keep healthy this season, WCs are always more exciting when he is racing

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on WC racerun, how many near death experiences do you have?
- none?

Hahahatha'ts just hillarious! (not the fact he doen't have any)

boring anyway

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worst 17 questions so far... i understood everything he said and it was still boring to watch

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I was super focused on what he said but did not understand a word............oh yes maybe something about tire pressure??? Ahhh poor froggy I am.
In fact his desire to get interviewed is soooooooooooooooooooooo obvious!!!

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